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  • IQuest Security Groups

    The latest version of Quest has several special groups that have different levels of permissions in the IQuest Designer.  A user may belong to more than one group.  Below is a description of each:

    Administrators:  Access to all designers, system settings, database connection settings and security settings

    Designers:  Access to all designers. 

    System Managers: Access to system settings. 

    Database Connection Managers:  Access to database connection manager.

    Security Managers:  Access security settings

    Lock Manager:  Access to the designer locks. 

  • IPeople Quest News

    To receive the latest and greatest IPeople Quest News, please log into and navigate to the IPeople Quest Blog.


  • IPeople has released the DICOM add-on

    The DICOM add-on for Quest will allow Designers to place both still and video DICOM  formats into the  Report Builder or the  IPath Builder. 
  • Form Builder allows web form data entry into MEDITECH

    The Form Builder allows for a Designer to create web forms using a simple builder similar to the Report Builder.  Designers drag and drop any number of editor controls into their design.  The Quest Data Engine will upload the data into MEDITECH or an SQL Table.

    The Designer can choose two modes when saving data back to MEDITECH:
    1) Immediate Upload:  End user clicks save button and the web session is held until the data is successfully scripted into MEDITECH.

    2) Delayed Upload:  End user clicks the save button and immediately the web session returns a successful message.  The entered record is saved into an SQL Table and later uploaded into MEDITECH.  The Designer has control over when and how often the upload process runs.

    Any errors occurring are processed by the Event Engine and can be sent to a user or group's email, communication center or folder. 

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