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How do I display a patient’s allergies on an NPR report?

  •  08-11-2006, 4:24 PM

    How do I display a patient’s allergies on an NPR report?

    MEDITECH provides a number of standard programs that are very useful and help prevent programmers from reinventing the wheel. Utilize PHA.MAR.allergies to build an array of allergies and display on the report using an MV array.


    Syntax: PHA.MAR.allergies(A,B,C,D,E,F)


    Description: Builds an array of patient allergies




    B=Max line length

    C=Structure for allergies (Default = ^MV[“AL”])

    D=Field number in MV for allergies

    E=Structure for ADR’s (Default = /MV[“AD”])

    F=Field number for ADRs



    Steps for Utilizing MV Arrays:


    1.      Build /MV Structure

    Magic: /MV[<MV Name>,<Sort Field>,<Field Number>]

    C/S: /R.MV[<MV Name>,<Sort Field>,<Field Number>]


    MV Name - Name used to identify the array

    Sort Field – key value used to sort the values stored in the array. This value must be unique for each value in the list

    Field Number – field number must match the field number on page 3


    2.      Add fields to report (as a multiple) for displaying MV array information

    Set VAL=1

    If displaying on detail section, add field attribute FNC=LST


    3.      Add MV line attribute to first row of multiple (MV=<MV Name>

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