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  • Using Command-Line Arguments for MAGIC Customers

    Command-Line Arguments can be passed in with your call to the Meditech Remote Workstation.&nbsp; These Command-Line Arguments can then be parsed out. This example will demonstrate how to create your own sign-on Program using an NPR Report Macro.&nbsp; This Macro will parse out the Command-Line Arguments.&nbsp; If there are no Command-Line ...
    Posted to MEDITECH Report Writer (Forum) by Brian on March 11, 2009
  • How to Send Emails from a CDS for CS Customers

    You can send Emails from a CDS in CS but you must have the Meditech Parameters set up to use either SMTP or MAPI protocols. Here are the steps for sending an email if you have these parameters set up: 1)&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Create an NPR Report called with any Report Title you like and Active set to Y.&nbsp; Then File and ...
    Posted to MEDITECH Report Writer (Forum) by Brian on March 10, 2009
  • How to use an Index File as your Detail Segment

    Suppose you want to produce a list of RXs for all current Inpatients.&nbsp; This example will be for CS customers. The ADM.PAT room.bed.index Table has a record for each current Inpatient.&nbsp; We will use &quot;ADM.PAT&quot; as the Index DPM and &quot;room.bed.index&quot; as the Index File. The PHA.RX patient.x Table has a record for each RX ...
    Posted to MEDITECH Report Writer (Forum) by Brian on March 10, 2009
  • Sending Downloaded Files via FTP in CS NPR Report Writer

    Step 1:&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Create an NPR Report to produce a downloaded file and add the following Footnote:&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;AL CLOSE.UP close.up Step 2:&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;File and Translate your report. Step 3: Create a Report Macro called close.up with the following code: IF{@Not(@Z.rpt.found); &nbsp;&nbsp; /R.HALTED; &nbsp;&nbsp; ...
    Posted to MEDITECH Report Writer (Forum) by Brian on March 10, 2009
  • Re: Alternative Routine for viewing Meditech Data Definitions (MAGIC)

    There is no harm in running this report.&nbsp; It is a view-only routine and does nothing more than display data.
    Posted to MEDITECH Report Writer (Forum) by Brian on November 26, 2008
  • returns the name of the current NPR Procedure is an NPR Programming Macro that can come in handy, especially when using the Debug programs in an NPR Report Macro.&nbsp;;&quot;) will return the name of the current NPR Report Macro.&nbsp; For instance, assuming your NPR Report is called &#39;; and your NPR Report Macro is called ...
    Posted to MEDITECH Report Writer (Forum) by Brian on April 7, 2008
  • Translation.message creates useful reminders when Macros translate

    @Translation.message is a NPR Programming Macro that can be used in NPR Report Writer Macros to have a message appearing while a Macro is translating.&nbsp; This can come in handy to have a message appear reminding you to translate your report (A report needs to be translated if a macro that is incorporated via the AL Footnote is ...
    Posted to MEDITECH Report Writer (Forum) by Brian on April 3, 2008
  • MV Arrays

    MV (Multi-Value) Arrays allow for the creation of our own &quot;multiples&quot;.&nbsp; Often the MV array itself is created in an NPR Report&nbsp; Writer macro which is integrated into the report via the AL Footnote.&nbsp; User-defined (xx) fields are placed on report lines as though they were any other multiple.&nbsp; The Line Attribute MV is ...
    Posted to MEDITECH Report Writer (Forum) by Brian on December 14, 2007
  • How Meditech's Operating System interprets programming functions

    The Meditech MAGIC programming language (both MAGIC and C/S) includes many different functions.&nbsp; Most of these functions are represented by a single letter, although there are some exceptions to that rule.&nbsp; The Meditech Operating System interprets these functions by recognizing the first letter of the function, then ignoring each ...
    Posted to MEDITECH Report Writer (Forum) by Brian on December 14, 2007
  • How to Access NPR Segments that are not available as Detail Segments

    Sometimes Meditech does not make a segment available as a Detail Segment in their NPR Report Writer.&nbsp; The NPR Segments are stored in their own DPM called NPR.SEG.&nbsp; There is a field attached to each segment called which determines whether or not the segment will be available as a Detail Segment. We can still access these ...
    Posted to MEDITECH Report Writer (Forum) by Brian on November 21, 2007
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