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  • Pha Drug Dictionary Formulary for Physicians

    Just wondering if there is a more efficient way to write a npr report for physicians to look up Drugs (ie by Trade or Generic).  We have one using the  Drug Dictionary with no index. Page two is as follows:     Select Field/Prompt or ...
    Posted to MEDITECH Report Writer (Forum) by WarrenM on March 11, 2009
  • OE.RES to RAD.RES report conversion question

    I am converting a report from OE.RES to RAD.RES and have run into a problem.  The original OE report uses the field "" as the service date in the selection fields.  However, there is no comparable "" field or something of the like in C/S that makes an obvious choice for a service date.  Any ...
    Posted to MEDITECH Report Writer (Forum) by Anon on August 21, 2006

    I am converting a report from MAGIC to C/S, and have run into the following statement: I have never seen this %Z-program before, and it does not appear to work in C/S.  Can anyone tell me what this does?  Also, is this a routine that must be loaded onto the system by Meditech? Thanks, Jason
    Posted to MEDITECH Report Writer (Forum) by Anon on August 18, 2006
  • Using PCL Codes for Advanced Formatting

    What is PCL? PCL, or Printer Command Language, is an HP standard that works with most printers.  NPR only gives you limited control over the format of reports.  With PCL, you can do many things that are not possible with basic NPR commands.  However, using PCL can quickly make a report complicated ...
    Posted to MEDITECH Report Writer (Forum) by Anon on August 17, 2006
  • Meditech Time

    Internal Meditech Time is set up in two formats.                 1) 4 digit clinical  (EX: 9072)                 2) 9 digit format   (EX:902345678) Each represents a counter from ...
    Posted to MEDITECH Report Writer (Forum) by Anonymous on August 14, 2006
  • A list of Selection Operators for NPR

      EQ =  Equal to NE = Not Equal to IG = Ignore GE  = Greater than LE = Less than LI = List NL = Not List RL = Range list CO = Contains NC = Not Contains CL = Container List FS = First Value greater than or Equal to LS = Last Value greater than or Equal to   Keywords that can be used along with these ...
    Posted to MEDITECH Report Writer (Forum) by Anonymous on August 14, 2006
  • How to Read Internal Data

    In order to read internal data a user must understanding that there are a number of parts that combine together to make an internal structure.1)      Prefix – The prefix is the first part of the structure and is used to isolate all similar data types into specific groups.  There are many prefixes, examples are ...
    Posted to MEDITECH Report Writer (Forum) by Anonymous on August 14, 2006
  • How to control input dates from NPR Report Selection

    When using the existing field within the data definition no limits are placed on the date range a user can enter. In order to restrict users to a specific date range the following steps can be taken: Ø      Add date to Selection Criteria (Page 2)Ø      Create the computed field ...
    Posted to MEDITECH Report Writer (Forum) by Anonymous on August 14, 2006
  • How do I create a DO Loop using Magic code?

    A Do Loop can be used to execute a fixed block of statement an indefinite number of times. One common use of DO Loops in a macro is to loop through records in a file until either the end of file is reached or the criteria for the loop is no longer true. The syntax for a DO Loop is:DO{Condition1 Statement1;       ...
    Posted to MEDITECH Report Writer (Forum) by Jenny on August 14, 2006
  • What are subscripts?

    A subscript is a value or group of values (or identifiers) that make a record unique. Each record within a segment must be unique to prevent overlapping of data and so the system (and users) can access the data specific to that segment. For those familiar with relational databases, the subscript is the primary key for the table. Subscripts ...
    Posted to MEDITECH Report Writer (Forum) by Jenny on August 14, 2006
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